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Wife to my best friend, Mother of 3 who fortunately look like their father, and Friend of a few people I found who are weirder than me.


The Characters:
GOD--my creator, sustainer, the reason I live

Hubby--the older man I tricked into marrying me back in 2001, the comic relief of my life

Jacob--the creative 9 yr old who loves LEGOs, Star Wars, and is learning to play drums

Grace--the unpredictable 6 yr old girl who loves to write/illustrate stories and can't get enough of Justin Bieber

Harrison--the 4 yr old who has great dance moves, can beat us all at Angry Birds, and thinks Darth Vader is pretty amazing

Sis--my older yet shorter sister who knows me a little too well for my comfort

Niece--my fave shopping partner, practically my other sister, who moved away and is missed terribly

And me--Nuwanda, the SAHM who tries to keep it all together


writing, reading, editing, shopping, jane austen, c.s. lewis, netflix, bible study, collecting coca-cola, spiced chai tea, hershey kisses w/ almonds, flip-flops, sterling silver jewelry, nemo, mr. clean magic erasers, dead spiders, taking photos, crochet, handbags, poetry, mexican food, dark chocolate, british accents, collective soul, british mysteries, david gray, fringe, food network, chuck, playing piano, my relationship with jesus christ, law & order, pens & paper, what about bob, lotr, sting, maroon 5, big dogs, brown eyes, the color red, leopard print, funny commercials that make me laugh outloud, lincoln brewster, the unconditional love of god, super sticky post-it notes, the twilight saga, chocolate labs, donald miller books, and my snuggie