> I heart FORKS!

Heading from Seattle to Forks
On the way to Forks
Lush green everywhere
Beautiful beach along the drive
Typical overcast day in state of Washington
So close...
City of Forks welcomes you
Forks visitor map
Forks visitor map pin
Bella's truck from the movie
Bella's truck
City of Forks
Outfitters store where Bella & Mike worked
Forks high school
Downtown Forks
Logging Capital of the World
Forks Visitor Center
On the drive to Forks
La Push Beach?
Choppy water
A lighthouse way off shore
Forks High School tshirt
Gift bag from Forks gift shop
Forks High School keychain
Pick your team!
Postcards from the visitors center
Forks Visitor Center
Beach panoramic view
Team Jacob mug